Monday, April 16, 2012

Bench and Chairs

Just talk talk about the "furniture" a bit . . .

 Here is the start of the benches/pic nic table
 Daughter "helping" on the saw - she actually wasn't around when we were cutting, just playing in the saw dust afterwards (notice the saw has the guard on and is unplugged!!!)
 The real cutting.
 The pictures in the previous post show the benches really well - but here are the chairs up close.  The table is made with leftover wood scraps.
Oh yeah - new addition to the family - and also a BIG help (ha ha ha)

The patterns and directions for the chairs and convertable picnic tables come from - but be warned DO NOT click that link until you have a few hours to check out her site/blog.  She is a super mom that designs and does her own furniture building.  And all kinds of stuff. . . just amazing - her current project is building a house for her mother and mother-in-law . .. I do not aspire to that kind of word - but I do really like her ideas and the online community that she has created overthere - people sharing what they have made and tips and tricks.

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